Uncanny X-Men #273

Wolverine loses to Gambit in the danger room.

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Iron Fist Pin-Up (by  Ian Akin & Brian Garvey from Marvel Fanfare #33, 1987)

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Batman & Daredevil by Alex Maleev

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i don’t know anything about wrestling, can anyone tell me why the large squarefaced pork man is so disgusted by these huge belts

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Four Year Strong


As a lot of you know, I’ve been hard at work writing the first volume of a comic series I’ve been brewing in my head over the last four years. TORN. I’ve also been searching for an artist to collaborate with. It’s high time I announce that search is over: I have found an artist. UK illustrator Laura Johnson (will link to work at a later point).

This is a sneak peek at leading lady of TORN, Diana “Soul” Vazquez whose power is kinetic based teleportation. How will this somewhat limited power aid her and her partner, Susan “Eyes” Saunders’s goal of helping a devastated and gang addled New York City six months after a nuclear mishap in Midtown?

Well, seeing as Laura is currently penciling issue 1, you’ll hopefully be able to find out by or before August 1st. Laura is awesome. TORN is fun.



Comic of the Week (6/25/14): Original Sins #2

This week was a light one on my pull list (only three comics), and even though I’m always excited for a new issue of Ms. Marvel, the first thing I had to read was Original Sins #2.


Because Howard the Duck.

Even if it’s just two pages, it’s Howard the Duck.

Guys, I really love Howard the duck. I want to write for Howard the Duck.

There. I said it. I’m putting it out there, universe. Let’s make this happen.

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