• Question: So did someone break your heart recently, or are you just lonely always? Because dude, you gotta stop mistaking a heart on your sleeve with confidence. Girls might be into that shit, but women aren't. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    No. Also, I never said anything about confidence. You are silly, anon.

    EDIT: Maybe I’m exhausted (I am) but, I have been trying not to let this get to me which is proving kind of impossible. You see, I never get anything in my ask box, anon or not. I have never claimed to be a confident person (in fact, I am a self-described self-loathing, slightly narcissistic, lonely (yes, lonely, I’ve been single since 2006, for christ’s sake [and, yes, before you get on about it, I do know that’s my own doing, shutup]) guy who has no idea on how to talk to ANYBODY (girl, guy, straight, gay, bi, trans, whatever). While, sure, I may have my negative quirks that’d detract people from maybe being friendly towards me, I never thought that somebody would take the time to send such an unintentionally cruel note to me. I know that this, whatever, was meant to be kind of a “hey, dude, piss off with your melancholy bullshit, you’d be great if you weren’t so happy in your sadness”, and it may have even been from a girl that I am or was interested in at one point (more than likely wasn’t, but because it’s anon, we’ll never know). Even though I know this, it still hurts. Why would someone take the time of day to say such things to anybody about anything? We should just allow one another to be who one another are, regardless of who one another are. Stop involving yourselves in the lives of others and live your own life.

    I am happy. No, nobody has broken my heart recently, no matter what I may whine on and on about (I’ve only been on two semi-dates in recent months and those went fine; or, rather, fine enough, I guess). I am lonely always, but I’m fine with that. It’s not a harmful lonely, just something on the inside that’s always there, always has been there, and probably always will be there. I have never said that my sad-sack heart on my sleeve was confidence, I have never (never) claimed to have any sort of confidence. I don’t post on here to attract girls or women or men or boys or dogs or cats or whatever, I post on here for me. If you like it, great. If you dislike it, stop following me. I don’t care either way.

    Also, for the record, most things that I put in quotes without a source are exerts from my writings that I’m narcissistic enough to post but not confident enough or crass enough to source myself for.¬†

    Why bring up confidence if you’re going to ask me anonymously?

    Crying On The Inside And The Outside 

  1. theratsstar said: Expressing how you are actually feeling is the most brave, confident thing one can do. Everything else is bullshit kabuki. And any woman who “wants” that is probably the sort of person I’d want to blow my brains out talking to. You do you. You rule.
  2. khealywu said: PS I am 1000% doubtful this anon knows what any ‘woman’ wants.
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