I’m quite fond of the English YouTube game commentators, The Yogscast. I spend a lot of time watching their videos and laughing, or being amazed by some of the Minecraft structures that their teams build for series of their’s like “The Shadow Of Israphel” or Sjin’s “Let’s Build A ____”.  Lately, I have been thinking that if the lot of them were to come to NYC and do a live show, maybe booked with fellow nerdy comedians (Dan Harmon, PLEASE), regardless of how many people in the immediate NY Metro area are aware of these Brits, it’d be a great show with a hot crowd.

I tried to send this to their main channel on YouTube, but (because they’re quite popular) they had contact locked unless they have you marked as a contact. I am not a contact.

Here’s the letter, now an open letter, to them, pitching my idea for a Yogscast Live Show at one of New York’s hot underground comedy clubs in the future.

Hello Yogscast,

My name is Brentt Harshman: a purveyor of gaming, an improv comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, a hopeful fiction writer, a self-loathing narcissist, and, most importantly, a dude with blue eyes who wastes a lot of time watching Yogscast videos or listening to old episodes of the YogPod while procrastinating from doing anything of importance. 

I absolutely adore you all; Lewis, Simon, Sips, Sjin, Hannah, Duncan and the whole lot of you all who I haven’t mentioned in these above lines (don’t tell Rhythian). I also think that at some point in the (hopefully near future) you all should come to New York City and we can do a live Yogscast Comedy Show, maybe I can pull some strings and get it up at the famous UCB Theater, the PIT, the Magnet or one of the many, many, many underground comedy theaters. 

I feel that, if booked properly (maybe Yogscast, some nerdy standup comedians, maybe some other profound nerds, I don’t know, I’m just spitballing, here), regardless of how many people in NYC or it’s surrounding areas are actually aware of the Yogscast (probably more than I know of), it’d still be quite a draw with an energetic and hot crowd. 

Please correspond with me so that we can make this dream of mine a reality.

Brentt Harshman (23, male, leo, blue eyed American)